Week 10: Visual Assignment Civil War Baby

Hi Class,

Here is my submission of a Civil War era photo. I used photoshop to make this picture aged. The photo turned out pretty good but my main issue is the patterns of the baby's bed. They are just too modern, I should have used a old towel to lay him on but he was too comfortable and i did not want to move him. This assignment made me think about all the old photos and now people seemed so much more serious back then but then I remember the exposure time was like 10 seconds so it would have been really hard to hold a smile and not move for that long. it also got me thinking about all the photos that I have of my son, they will never degrade like the civil war photos, they are made of pixels on a digital format they will never age they way civil war photos do. I wonder if that means his children will see much more modern looking photos of their parents than I have.