Week 7: Self Reflection

As we approach the half waypoint in this class I feel that I have become a much stronger writer. I think that the main issue with my writing was that over the years I had become too accustomed to writing short emailed of bulleted lists and in the writing style of the University of California. In our culture we write a lot of short emails sometimes not even in complete sentances. This class has taught be to slow down that think about what I’m writing but also write in great quantities.

I did speak about the idea of just writing regularly to get better at writing in my last self-reflection a few weeks ago. Today I would like to talk about the course content.

I was watching a educational video about a university in the Netherlands where student can choose their own learning goals and curriculum. I feel that this class with it’s wide range of topics has allowed me that breadth to explore topics that I feel are important to me. It class really is about allow the learning to learn rather than the model of the learner only learning from the faculty and what that particular faculty thinks is importatnt.

I have been in higher education for almost 8 years and this is the first class where I truly see the learning choosing that learning path. It’s refreshing but also a little scary. In the beginning of the quarter I was a little lost and wanted Lori to give me more specific guidance on what I should be doing on a daily basis but now I am so thankful that I took this course and I have learned to build my own learning path.

I feel that the theme of me becoming a father is something that I will touch on more and more as the semester continues. My son was born last week and now I have much more fodder for narrative rather than just an abstraction of what it might be like to raise a son.

I also really appreciate that we are using my blog for the course it’s finally filling up with interesting content.