Week 12: Daily Create A Defining Moment? Trump 2016

I really don’t know what more can be said about this election that has not already been said. But I wanted to have a log of this defining moment for my son and myself. I will never for get Tuesday night November 8, 2016. It was the day America elected Donald Trump to the highest office in the country.


As a minority I’ve never felt so rejected by America, I guess to put it better. I realized at that moment that everything we minorities suspect is actually and unfortunately true. That we black and brown people are not welcome in this country by about half of the people who live here. I was speechless and stunned as I watched more and more states drop to Trump, Julie was out to dinner with her friends and I was alone for the first time with my son Wolf. It was terrible timing, I just sat there with him and watched the TV like zombie, I disbelief and sadness. They hate us they really hate us, White people do not want us here. I have no other home.


My family has been here since 1850 and I’m 5th generation American but I look like any other Asian dude (that’s a problem for White people). My father fought in Vietnam for this country, my grandmother lost her fiancé in the trenches of Germany for this country. He was part of the 442 an Army regiment comprised on Japanese American young men. This is the only country I know and I have always loved this country and would die for the freedoms its represents. On this day I have never felt less American. I feel like a foreigner in my own home.


I had friends who were jumped by white men telling them to “Go back to China!”. Do we have a home here under this administration, we are all scared. I know this is not the most well written piece but it is coming from a man without sleep and hope in a week that we all experienced a defining moment for us all.