Week 12: Story Critique School of Life “Resilience In Hard Times”

This has been a really hard couple days for me and probably most minorities living in this country. The digital story telling people at the School of life always put things into perspective. In this stop motion video created with Lego the School of Life tells the story of the human condition in a fun and earnest manner.


The theme of this story is that we are all suffering, that we feel rejection and pain on a daily basis. That is the human condition but that does not mean that we have no reason to wake up in the morning on the contrary the author makes the case that the pain we feel is proof that we have found something worth living for.


I’m suffering right now, I did not think that I would feel this terrible about a stupid presidential election but I cannot stop thinking about how rejected I feel as a minority by the White American majority. But this is not reason to leave the country on the contrary this is proof that I love this country and this country is worth fighting for. This digital story is a reminder that the sun will rise and we are all on the same boat just suffering though life trying to make sense of what it all means.