Week 12: Self Reflection

I’m continuing to enjoy this class. However I think that the required reading should have more current theory and maybe we can all critique the same digital story.

 Overall I’m feeling a little out of it honestly. After this election my mind has been all over the place. I guess I’m still working though my grief. It’s so weird to think that this is the America we are living in. It makes me feel like a stranger in this land. Over the weekend I saw a lot of people were the victim of hate crimes. What really surprised me was how much hate was directed at Asian people.

 ASIANS we have to wake up, we are not white, we will never be white, stop pretending like we are better than other minorities. For so long we Asian people were the model minority, we did not make trouble and we kept our heads down and just worked. We need to see that although many of us married into white families (Asian women I’m looking at you) we are not considered Americans by about half of this country. This is something that we have to come to grips with. The major shift in our thinking has to be that we will support other minorities instead of putting them down. There is a lot of racism in communities of color, there will be no room for internal fighting and deciding which of us will be embraced by white people, we need to stick together and fight for our rights.

 Ok all that said. I think I know what I want to do with my story telling. Last week I decided that I want to write a digital story book for my son Wolf. He’s only 6 weeks old now but I want to write him stories. I think it will have some images and maybe audio so he can read the stories with me if I’m out of town or God forbid divorced or dead. My mom made a audio tape of her reading books when I was young because she had to go to work. This is something that I really want to do, I just need to get my head out of to fog. Thanks for listening.