Week 13: Digital Story Critique LORE

This week I’m going to review a new podcast called Lore by Aaron Mahnke. This focus on is telling traditional horror stories but with a knack of making creating a sense of non fiction truth to the stories. The audio digital story “The Bloody Pit” recounts the building of a great tunnel that spanned 5 miles though a mountain and the tragedy that stuck the construction workers.


I feel that great story telling no matter the format will be engaging and captivating but there is something so visceral about horror. I really feel that the more basic emotion we have is fear, that is why a believe the first stories where those that scared the audience. Fear has been with us since the beginning. We were not always that top of the food chain though most of human history we have been both predator and prey. And it is the fact that we were pray is why fear is so much a part of our consciousness. It the emotions that drives us to act irrationally and makes us lock our doors at night and turn on the bathroom lights at night.


Scary stories will always have a place in the story telling world for those reasons. The Lore podcast brings the well researched stories to life in 15-20 minute segments. Mahnke researches the histories of all his stories thoroughly and adds audio effects and music that create an immersive digital story. I was going to just listen one or two stories for this assignment but decided to listen to 6 of his stories and spent over an hour engross in Mahnke’s stories. I highly recommend this format for story telling.