CARP Review of Infographic

For the past year and a half I’ve been trying to grow more indoor plants. I’ve been somewhat successful but many plants had to be sacrificed on the alter of learning and new skill. I found this very well deigned infographic by Flymo about plants and their impact on health.  Based on the principals outlined by CARP I will analize this graphic.


The infographic uses different fonts (all sans), weights and background colors to draw the eye easily across the page to the subsections. The colors of the text also has meaning such as orange for health, light purple for emotions and yellow for environment.


The graphic is perfectly aligned down the middle with a clear division down the middle indicating indoor and outdoor plants. The text is also aligned nicely and consistently. I eye moves down the page unhindered my extraneous design elements.


The text weights and colors are repeated throughout the graphic. The little flyout box is also repeated throughout. There is consistency between all the body text and weights. Even the little plant icons all pop out of the frame by the same amount creating a sense of motion and excitement.



All the grouping on both the x and y axis of the graphic are aligned and the related information is grouped together.  Notice how all the indoor plants are grouped in the left. Also the sub sections of Health and Environment are also grouped together tightly and neatly. For the one plant that can be grown outdoors and indoors the it spans both columns at the bottom.