Project 3: Instruction with a Twist Design Draft

INTE 6710
Project 3: Instruction With a Twist
The History of Education
Project 3 DRAFT: Video with voice and music on the history of education

1. Background Instructional Opportunity

1a. Overview Instructional Opportunity:

Many people today believe that education in traditional classroom with students facing forward is they way it’s always been but this method of formal education is a relatively new experience. For most of history education was vastly different. In my video I will illustrate the long and complex history of education starting with the earliest form of writing in ancient Sumer and China the move the ancient Greek and Asian philosophy on education and then move to the more familiar forms of education first implemented in Germany in the early 1800s. We will investigate the age based cohorts of modern education and explain the benefits and challenges of the Prussian model.

1b. The learning objectives given the instructional problem or opportunity

By the end of viewing this video you should be able to:
1. Describe from a high level how education has transformed over 4000 years to the current state.
2. Compare and constant the benefits and challenges of pre-industrial models of education to the current Prussian model.
3. Explain the driving factors that have allowed education to reach the masses (working and labor class)
4. Describe how different cultures have address education needs throughout history

1c. Your instructional goals for designing an instructional solution (end product) that helps learners meet the learning objectives

My main instructional goals for this project are the expose people to different learning experiences that people have gone through throughout history. I want people to really self evaluate their own learning and how the current method of education has served them and in many ways also hampered their own education and original thinking. I want people to think about thinking and how their own though process might have been molded my the industrialization of education but also acknowledge that their own education would likely have not been possible had they been born 300 years in the past where very few people were given the opportunity for a free and formalized education.

This video will be short but I want it to be punchy, get straight to the point, show quickly how education was done thousands of years ago and move quickly through the different phases and then spend about half the time like 2 mins on the current Prussian model.

2. Description of Instructional Approach

2a. Overview of planned approach

The planned approach will be a video with video clips and images taken from different eras in education. There will be a voice over and text to help the learner understand what they are seeing. I will also have music maybe from the different eras as long as it is not too distracting. There might be a few infographics but I want the video to be short and to the point with a simple message that education has and alway will change with the culture and needs of the time. It might end with a little bit about online and how technology is changing education today.

2b. Explanation for how the resulting instructional solution (end product) will:

Be unique in terms of approach and delivery, showcasing your creative design aesthetic.
The presentation will be unique though the use of different learning styles. I will engage the views with visuals through use to archival videos, visual graphic with use of text on the images, Audio through the use of voiceover and music, and it will be participatory though the use of the Youtube comments section.

Be rich with instructional value (i.e., must teach people something), including a call-to-action. I think that there will be instructional value in that this short video will help students and people reevaluate how their own education experience has been shaped by the moment in time when we were born and had we been born a thousand years ago or a thousand years in the future it would look entire different. I think that the main point of this video will be to see education as something that is always changing and now smithing that has been the same and always will be the same. The call to action will be for the viewer to think about how time, culture and economics have influenced their own education and therefore their own ability to examine the world around themselves.

Incorporate non computer generated design elements. Examples: people, line drawings, clay objects, objects from nature, etc. I will incorporate some original photographs that I’ve taken at UCLA and also around the public schools in Los Angeles were I worked. I might also have short video segments shot around campus to show how diverse education looks like today.

Incorporate storytelling. I will tell the story of education as a chronological story that moves along side the transformation of mankind from a hunter gatherer society to one of agriculture and finally to the current industrialized world we live in today. The story of education is really the story of humankind.

Storyboard Images

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