In this course at the University of California Irvine, students study the behavior of fluids and all sorts of waves. We'll look at sound waves, ocean waves, and light, and along the way learn about music, cameras, and soap bubbles.

The course includes interactive video, live discussion sections using Adobe Connect, online proctoring, forums and live  streamed demonstrations. 


Art23A: DAta arts

Above is an example of student art work that will be ranked in the engagement index

Above is an example of student art work that will be ranked in the engagement index

This course offered though the University of California Berkeley focuses on the use of a tool called the engagement index. The engagement index is a tool that measures the students level of engagement by tallying points for uploading assignments, commenting on other people's assignments, "liking" art work and collaborating with other students to submit team art. The final grade to directly tied to the engagement index.

In the Data Arts art course student create artwork upload it to the gallery and other students rate the art. Students also attend a twice a week discussion where they are given the opportunity to work directly with the faculty on art and theory.

Chem 1P: Preparation for Chemistry

This University of California Irvine course is an intro course to chemistry. It is a course often taken by students who are unsure if they are ready for a STEM major. This course consists of four Modules. Each module contains segments, which are subdivided into a Lecture, a Summary, Examples, and Homework. In addition, there are Module Tests, a Midterm and a Final. Please watch the Introduction video to get started. In this course there was live discussions, recorded lecture, online proctoring and interactive and animated homework. 

Los Angeles Unified School District: Child Abuse Awareness Training

Los Angeles Unified School District teachers, administrators and staff who educate and care for students face constant challenges when trying to help keep children safer in today's fast-paced world. This course offers easy-to-use child abuse training resources to help address these challenges. I was the lead designer and developer for this fully online mandated course on child abuse awareness. Over 70,000 LAUSD employees were trained using this online module. The training included video, interactive quizzes and a certificate of completion. 

Master of Arts in Teaching at University of southern California

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is designed for aspiring K-12 teachers looking to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become great teachers and help all students succeed. This teacher preparation program also prepares candidates to be recommended for a teaching credential. I was the lead instructional designer in 2009 for this program. I developed and designed over 8 courses in this program and over saw the development of 16 course. The courses included live video, online assignments, recorded lectures and interactive learning objects. These courses were delivered in the Moodle LMS.

Master of Social Work at University of Southern California

The MSW at UCS was offered online in 2010. I was one of the lead designers on this project. I lead the design and development of over 6 courses before leaving to work a the University of California. The fully online program included the virtual classroom, video case studies, interactive learning modules, live practice and student role playing.



This course University of California Riverside applies the basic principles of science to the recognition and analysis of natural hazards, and the mitigation of related disasters. Topics include fires, floods, winds, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. There will be an emphasis on confronting hazards of concern to home-buyers, developers, and planners in the western U.S., and especially southern California.

The course includes interactive video, live discussion sections using Zoom, online proctoring, forums, virtual field trips and live Q and A sessions.


This course at the University of California Los Angeles,  is about exploring the similarities of technologies that drive new forms of art and science. Together, we will take a broad survey of scientific and technological innovations to build a critical understanding of how science and math influence art concepts. With your new insights and inspirations, you will be working collaboratively on course projects.

I designed this course around the use of blogs. All weekly assignment are submitted as a blog entry and the students are required to attend art shows and blog about what they learned and saw. The students also posted original idea about art and technology in their blogs. The course included video lectures, weekly live discussions in Adobe Connect and field trips to art shows. Students were given the opportunity to meet each other a recommended art events. 


ENVS 65: Introduction to Fresh Water Processes and Policy

This University of California Santa Cruz Course is an introduction to Freshwater. In this course students meet twice a week with the faculty on a live virtual conference and will break out in smaller sessions for discussion. The course included a virtual field trip, online proctoring, interactive lessons built in html 5 and a live field trip to a sewage treatment plant.


Los Angeles Unified School District Welligent training

Above is a screenshot of the training interface

Above is a screenshot of the training interface

Click here to view training module

Welligent is a District-wide web-based software system used for online IEPs and tracking of related services (such as speech and language, physical therapy, vision and hearing screenings, nursing services, etc.) provided to students during the course of their education. This training was designed in Flash and has video and interactive elements developed using captivate 

Los Angeles Unified School District: Absence Management 

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The Absence management course was developed using Flash and Captivate in 2008. This was prior to Apple killing Flash. I was the lead designer in this course and this training went out to over 50,000 LAUSD employees. The goal was to reduce the number of absences in the district. We shot the video using a green screen.

Foundation computer skills stand alone module: LAUSD

Click here to view foundation skills training

This course was one of my first stand alone learning modules. It was a proof of concept for the Los Angeles Unified School District. It was intended to introduce computers to people who have never used a computer before. I recommended that this module be used in a live classroom environment with a trainer present since eLearning is best suited for people with a basic level of computer competence. I included this piece as an example of animation and Flash based interactivity.