Part 1 Intro to Accessibility and Accessibility Laws

Part one of the accessibility presentation reviews the need for accessibility in online education and the laws around accessibility including ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Section 508 and Section 504 Accessibility Laws. I also cover Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG); this sections reviews at the high level the guiding principles for accessibility.  I cover statistics about disabled people in this country and college students with disabilities, and the numbers may surprise you. This presentation is intended for instructional designers, web developers, and people who work with students and technology.  

Part 2 Accessibility Best Practices and Tools

Part two of the accessibility presentation covers best practices for web designers and instructional designers to build accessible online content. This section also explores the tools that are available to instructional designers to help them make better design decisions. I also stress the importance of communicating to disabled students their options and accommodations available to them at the office of students with disabilities. It is also worth noting that disabled students do not have to self-identify to the faculty or the school. I concluded with a section on how building accessible online content help many types of learners, not just students with disabilities.